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Whether it was due to neglect or from fear of the dentist, we know that not all patients have perfect oral care. However, we also know that maintaining a healthy mouth today can only benefit you in the future, and that all starts by caring for your teeth. Damage and decay can be fixed right here in our office with a full mouth reconstruction plan, thanks to the experience of your Flowood, MS dentists Dr. Tharp, Dr. Klaus, and Dr. Kelly.

Occlusal disease

Occlusal Disease

Of all the oral health issues we’ve seen, such as tooth decay or periodontitis, occlusal disease is one of the most damaging. The cause of this is when misaligned teeth impact with such force that they grind teeth together, expose the teeth to decay, or even shorten the length of the tooth as the enamel disappears.

Other symptoms include loosening teeth, temperature sensitivity, pain or soreness when biting or chewing, fractured or cracked teeth, or pain in the jawbone joint socket. If left untreated, your issues will worsen over time, and lead to more serious conditions, such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, also more commonly known as cavities, is caused by a bad combination of bacteria and poor oral health care. A common misconception is that sugar is directly responsible for the condition, but it’s only a part of the equation. When you eat, bacteria consume the leftover food particles and expel acid waste in the form of plaque. So long as you brush your teeth and have healthy saliva production, these bacteria will do little to damage your teeth. But neglect to brush and floss, and the plaque buildup can start eating away at the enamel on the surface of your teeth. As the decay progresses, it can intrude onto the other, more sensitive layers of the tooth with the potential to permanently damage it.

Our Treatment Options

Each patient is unique and can require different treatment strategies to help them reach their dental goals. Our office offers a wide variety of full mouth reconstruction treatment options ranging from root canals to full mouth dental implants and fixed implant bridges. Contact our office to schedule your consultation today!

If tooth decay has damaged the center pulp of the tooth, this substance often cannot be recovered or repaired. Instead, a root canal may be recommended, which can save the structure of the tooth while also getting rid of the diseased tissues. The canal is then filled in with a resin and a crown is typically placed on top to protect it.

While root canals are reserved for situations where damage and decay have spread to the inner cavity of the tooth, regular fillings can get rid of decay on the surface level. With fillings we can clean up the area and cover up the stark contrast of decay, so that your tooth looks whole again.

Crowns are artificial tooth “caps” that are shaped to resemble the tooth they are replacing. While the original tooth is typically not removed, the crown caps over the tooth to protect it from further damage. Dental crowns have been used to cap existing damaged teeth, root canals, dental implants and more.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, dental implants are one of the best solutions available to fill in the spaces. These artificial teeth are constructed from titanium and porcelain, and undergo osseointegration with the surrounding jawbone to remain secure and durable. These implants – including our full mouth dental implants –last for many years, and have become the preferred treatment to dentures or partials.

Bridges are the combination of three or more crowns, wherein the center crown actually fills in the space of a missing teeth. The crowns on either side of the center one is placed over the neighboring teeth of the gap, so that your smile has a seamless look. Prettau is a specialized type of bridge made with more durable material and an unparalleled realism.

At Tharp & Klaus Dental Clinic, we utilize milled bar overdentures as a new solution for those who dislike the often-unreliable removable dentures. These dentures are secured to a metal bar, held in place with a few implants: it combines the advantages of dental implants and a full arch overdenture. Patients have told us how much they have preferred this to regular dentures.

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