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Changing Lives, a Bridge at a Time

Bring your smile to the next level with an implant fixed bridge! At Tharp, Klaus, & Kelly Dental Clinic we specialize in Prettau® full mouth dental implant bridges. The Prettau Bridge is a full arch tooth replacement option combining implants and a customized zirconia bridge. This groundbreaking technology is the solution to missing, broken and malformed teeth that you’ve been looking for! Missing teeth affect our quality of life by impacting actions we do every day, such as what types of food we eat and whether we choose to smile. Often edentulous (those without teeth) patients complain of the pain and discomfort that comes with an incomplete smile. An implant fixed bridge is the solution you’ve been looking for. Our team of dentists are specially trained to design the perfect prosthetic for you and to insert your implants. We have been guiding patients in the Flowood, MS area through the process of creating the smile they’ve always wanted for over 30 years.

This groundbreaking technology is the solution to missing, broken and malformed teeth that you’ve been looking for!

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What Sets our Bridges Apart?

We offer bridges that are made of 100% zirconia. Why is this important? Zirconia is a type of ceramic with a durability superior to stackable porcelain and certain metal alloys. Over time, zirconia will show less wear and tear, compared to other materials and will provide better support to any surrounding prosthetics and implants. Zirconia has become the highest recommended material for bridges and crowns amongst dental professionals. Your zirconia bridge is designed  and milled using the latest technologies in milling and CADCAM. After miling, your bridges is customized to your skin tone and natural tooth color by staining, firing, and glazing to provide the perfect smile. A zirconia implant bridge is an amazing option for patients desiring options other than individual dental implants. While still receiving the benefits for full mouth dental implants, your zirconia fixed implant bridge provides a less invasive alternative. You will leave you appointment confident that your bridge was built to last. 

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The Process is Easier Than You Think

During your consultation, diagnostics will be taken to properly design your treatment protocol and begin the process of creating your bridge. You consultation will also allow our dentists to explain how the process will unfold and what you can expect before, during and after your surgery, as well as the type of sedation recommended.

Two to four implants will be placed into your jawbone, then connected by a custom designed bar to reduce the chance of implant angle issues. Unlike traditional full arch reconstruction techniques, the use of a bar allows dental implants on one side of the mouth to support implants on the other side, a concept known as cross-arch stabilization. Patients looking for full mouth solutions will be amazed by the results of a fixed bridge and prosthetic teeth. Your bridge is then placed on the bar and your procedure is complete! The result is a stable, permanent denture that creates an amazing smile. Patients may even experience bone gain, thanks to the support and stabilization of the implants! After your surgery, you may experience pain and swelling at the implant sites. Your dentist will recommend the best way to care for your implants and bridge to ensure healthy healing, as well as ensuring your implants and bridge remain in the best shape for decades to come. Patients with questions or concerns are highly encouraged to contact our office immediately. At Tharp, Klaus, & Kelly Dental Clinic, your care and experience are our top priority!

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Make Us Your Bridge Provider

Receiving an implant fixed bridge is a procedure that requires specialty training and knowledge. For over 30 years, our practice has guided our patients in treatments ranging from implant dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to prosthodontics and endodontics. Dr. Greggory Tharp has extensive training in implant dentistry, and specializes in prosthodontics. His experience, gained from over 30 years of practice, guarantees he’s tackled a wide range of cases, ranging from the simplest to the most complicated. Dr. Keith Klaus brings the dynamic of experience in engineering and the development of technologies, which bring added accuracy and efficiency to our dental protocols. He is expertly trained in implant and cosmetic dentistry, as well as experienced in the field of prosthodontics and endodontics. In addition to our dentists, our practice is staffed by an amazing team of assistants and team members, who strives to make your experience at Tharp, Klaus, & Kelly Dental Clinic an amazing one.

Consult our team for information on scheduling and financing. Timing your consultation, surgery, and post-operative appointments is part of the success of your treatment. Our staff are knowledgeable in timing your appointments to ensure you receive the best care possible. Financing your surgery is made easier thanks to the financing team here at Tharp, Klaus, & Kelly Dental Clinic. Contact our finance team for more information about insurance coverage and the financing options available for you.

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Choosing the right provider is the most important step in your journey to a smile makeover. It’s important to receive proper diagnostics, as well as receive all the information you need about dental prostheses and permanent bridges. The team you choose should be expertly training and highly experienced in all facets of your surgery, as well as employing the use of the highest quality materials and tools. At Tharp, Klaus, & Kelly Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves in the interest we take in each patient, to ensure they receive the best care possible during their time with us. From the moment you call us to schedule your consultation to your post-surgery visit, every point of contact is an opportunity for our team to provide the best patient experience. We look forward to guiding you on your journey to achieving your perfect smile. Don’t wait a moment longer to change your life! Achieving the smile of your dreams is easier than you think.
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