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Secretly Straighten Your Teeth for an Amazing Smile

Your smile is one of the first attributes that people notice, so it makes sense that a healthy, straight smile can make you feel better. Unfortunately, living with malocclusion (misaligned teeth) can have the opposite effect and cause your self-esteem and confidence to plummet. If you’re worried about the alignment of your smile, our Flowood, MS dentists feature professional teeth straightening from Invisalign — the quickest and most convenient way to straighten your smile without metal brackets and wires.

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Inside Invisalign

Invisalign is a system that uses transparent aligners to gradually shift the position of your teeth, correcting their alignment. It can be used to correct an assortment of issues that traditional metal braces typically fix, including:

Invisalign VS. Metal Braces

While Invisalign provides the same result as traditional metal braces, it offers various unique benefits that you won’t experience with braces, including:
Unlike traditional metal braces, the clear Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible. They fit discreetly in your mouth so that you can wear them to all of your important events and it’s likely that nobody will notice.
Invisalign aligners are crafted from SmartTrack® material, which makes them fit snugly around your teeth. Since your aligners are custom-fitted to your smile, they’ll apply constant force without causing discomforts such as pain or irritation.
Unlike traditional metal braces, you’ll never have to worry about food getting lodged in your aligners. The reason for this is that you’re expected to remove the aligners before you eat or drink, and brush your teeth before reinserting them.
One of the most amazing parts about the Invisalign process is that you can see a virtual image of what your smile will look like at the end of your treatment. The Invisalign system tracks the movement of your teeth and allows you to watch as your smile progresses.

The Invisalign Process is Easy

Before you begin straightening your smile, you’ll meet with Dr. Tharp, Dr. Klaus and Kelly, so they can examine your teeth and discuss your treatment options. If you decide that Invisalign is the right treatment for you, they’ll use a portion of this appointment to show you all of the fantastic benefits that Invisalign offers your smile.

Step 1: Creating Your Treatment Plan

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Dr. Tharp, Dr. Klaus, and Dr. Kelly will take a digital impression of your smile using an iTero® scanner. Digital scans are mess-free and can collect the necessary information very quickly. Then, your Flowood, MS dentists will customize a treatment plan for you. They’ll also use this time to show you a preview of your new smile using Invisalign’s tracking software.

Step 2: Designing and Manufacturing Your Aligners

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Over the next few weeks, your aligners will be custom-made to fit your smile. Each aligner is individually trimmed, which results in aligners that fit comfortably and discreetly.

Step 3: See Dr. Tharp, Dr. Klaus and Dr. Kelly for Your First Aligners

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Once they’re ready, you’ll return to our Flowood, MS office to get your first set of aligners. Each aligner focuses on straightening a different area of your smile, so you’ll need to get new ones every few weeks. Dr. Tharp, Dr. Klaus, and Dr. Kelly will assess the progress of your treatment at each checkup appointment, making alterations if there are any issues.

Make a Perfect Smile Your Reality

Your dream smile is just a phone call away! Invisalign is the cutting-edge technology you’ve been waiting for to help give you those straight, healthy-looking teeth you’ve always wanted without the hassle of traditional braces. Our team is expertly trained to guide you through the Invisalign process, as well as answer any questions you have about financing. We work with our patients through a variety of financing options to help them make their dream smile a reality.
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Can’t Wait to Start?

Upload a photo of yourself smiling, and we’ll provide a FREE smile preview! You’ll be able to see the results of treatment before you even begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

While Invisalign is a great option for many people, it does have its limitations. It’s best for people who don’t require substantial movement of their teeth. This is a great option for people who previously had braces, but whose teeth have shifted after treatment. Invisalign can easily re-align your teeth to the correct position.

If your teeth require more movement to get your perfect smile, you may have to consider another option. There are many things Invisalign can do though, so it’s best to learn whether you’re a candidate by scheduling a consultation with our experienced dentists. They’ll be able to tell which option is best for you.

Invisalign aligners work by pushing on all surfaces of your teeth to get them to move into position. Regular braces can only push on parts of your teeth rather than the whole tooth, making tooth movement slower. That’s why Invisalign can correct teeth up to two times as quickly as traditional braces.

You’ll wear your aligners every day for approximately 20 to 22 hours a day, only removing them to eat and for cleaning. Every two weeks, you’ll receive a new set of aligners to further the movement of your teeth. You’ll continue wearing your aligners until your teeth are perfectly aligned.

Invisalign may be uncomfortable when you first begin using your aligners. It’s important to keep in mind that your teeth are being moved around in your mouth, and that can be painful. Eventually, you’ll get used to the feeling and it won’t be as bothersome.

If you feel extreme pain or discomfort with your aligners, there may be something wrong with them. We recommend contacting our office to come in and we’ll assess your aligners. We’ll make sure your treatment is comfortable.

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