The Best Foods For Teeth Are Grown In A Garden (Infographic)

The Best Foods For Teeth Are Grown In A Garden (Infographic)

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Everyone knows that foods like candy and soda are enemies of healthy teeth, but not enough attention is paid to foods that are excellent choices for oral health. The foods that are good for your teeth are on the list for various reasons. Some are fibrous so they scrape plaque from your teeth while others are rich in key ingredients that help the gums and teeth. Whichever your favorite fruits and vegetables for oral health, consider growing them in your own garden to ensure a constant supply of healthy ingredients.

3 Advantages To Growing Your Own Food

Aside from the fact that natural foods that come from the garden are healthier for your body, there are other significant advantages to growing your own produce. Whether you have a whole backyard to use for gardening or just a small area, here are some reasons why it’s worthwhile to grow and maintain your own organic garden:

1.    Save Money

When crops are sold to a supermarket for consumers to buy, several middlemen are involved, and each has to get paid to make up for expenses like shipping. Choosing to grow your own food in a garden is a way to bypass all of that extra cost, and reap the benefits of fresh healthy food. With minimal daily effort and a little knowledge, you can save a large amount of money on grocery expenses.

2.    Keep Chemicals And Additives Out

Food that’s bought in the store frequently has preservatives, sugar and other additives infused to make it more marketable in one way or another. Avoid all of these chemicals and artificial preservatives by growing your own food. That way you know exactly what you’re getting, and won’t pay for a list of unknown chemicals when you purchase food.

3.    Organically Grown Food Tastes Better

Top chefs rely on organic, locally grown food because it’s fresher and has a superior taste. When crops are grown with pesticides, their flavor suffers, and many believe that their nutritional value is degraded as well. For fresh produce that taste clean and pure, there is really no substitute for growing your own in a garden.

Healthy Dental Foods That Are Grown In Gardens

The food grown in gardens is the healthiest available, consisting of vitamin rich fruits and vegetables. Many of these same healthy foods have solid reasons for why they improve dental care as well. Here is a list of 10 foods that are known to benefit oral health and can all be grown in your personal garden:

1.    Strawberries

Although very much like candy in their sweetness, strawberries work remarkably well at whitening the teeth. One popular home dental remedy suggests that dipping your toothpaste into mashed up strawberry and rinsing thoroughly afterward is a combination that has a potent whitening effect.

2.    Leafy Greens

Vegetables in the leafy greens category contain a special combination of nutrients that makes them a vital part of a healthy diet. Foods that are considered leafy greens include lettuce, cabbage, kale, spinach and collard greens among others. Each of these foods is high in not only vitamins and minerals, but also phosphorus which is specifically beneficial to the bones and teeth.

3.    Carrots

Veggies like carrots and turnips are considered root vegetables because they grow directly out of the ground rather than off of branches. There are 3 major reasons why carrots are beneficial for the teeth:

  1. Carrots contain a potent amount of vitamin A which builds tooth enamel.
  2. Chewing raw carrots removes plaque from your teeth.
  3. The chewing action produces extra saliva which supports dental health.

4.    Onions

The primary cause of gum disease and other oral maladies is excess bacteria residing in the mouth. Raw onions are rich in anti-bacterial compounds, removing your oral bacteria with each bite. While they wreak havoc on the breath, raw onions do a lot to remove bacteria and improve oral health.

5.    Cranberries

Cranberries are excellent for the teeth due to their rich reserve of polyphenols. Also found in tea, polyphenols prevent plaque from sticking to the teeth. Be aware that most cranberry products purchased in stores are loaded with extra sugar to compensate for the tartness, so growing them naturally is the best way to benefit from their tooth-saving properties.

6.    Apples

Crunchy fruits like pears and apples are excellent for the teeth, mostly due to their texture. The effort required to chew apples boosts the production of saliva in the mouth. A dry mouth is a breeding ground for plaque and bacteria, so extra saliva is good for cleaning the mouth and ensuring excellent dental health.

7.    Garlic

According to the National Institute of Health, garlic has the quality of a broad antiseptic, meaning it kills bacteria upon contact. Since bacteria is the prime culprit in causing most dental ailments, eating garlic helps you keep your mouth fresh and healthy.

8.    Kiwi

As one of the smallest and most unique fruits, kiwi is excellent for dental health for its exceptional amount of Vitamin C. Aside from being healthy for the entire body, this vitamin C also develops a natural collagen that is vital to the health of your gums.

9.    Sweet Potatoes

Among their many benefits, sweet potatoes also contain vitamin D, a vital nutrient that is developed naturally with healthy sun exposure. Vitamin D is crucial to healthy skin, heart and teeth, so sweet potatoes are a great choice for dental health.

10.  Raisins

With their small and sweet nature, it may seem that raisins are an enemy of clean teeth, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Research from the University of Illinois found that raisins have anti-bacterial compounds that actively fight the bacteria that leads to gum disease.

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